Fastpass with shows

Hello, I’ve tried searching for this, but can’t find an answer - looking for some help.

How do fastpasses work with shows. Say, for example, I want to attend the 11am Festival of the Lion King. Would that use a fastpass in the 11-12noon slot, or do I need to have it in something like a 1030-1130 slot?

Here is the plan:
9-10 FP = FOP
10-11 FP = Safari
11-12 = Lion King for 11am show

Would that work or would I not be allowed to use the 11am FP for the 11am show?


For the 11 show your FP will be somewhere around 10:30-10:50. You would have to book one of the other FPs after the show since you cannot overlap .

It’s not really clear to me what advantage an FPP for shows like FOTLK really confers. You still have to get there early, so it doesn’t reduce queuing time. And the theatres are very large, so I’m not sure they ever really fill up to the extent that people get turned away. I’ve never had an FPP for a show and I’ve always got in when I wanted.

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If you book a FP for a show, the FP is “fixed” and for a much shorter duration than usual. So do an 11am show, you will be given one usually spanning 15-20 minutes, probably 10:30-10:50.

You need to be there by that time or essentially you are relegated to stand-by. You may still get to go in via an FP line, but they will have opened the doors and maybe even the reserved seating area to everyone else.

You then need to be careful with the timing for your next one. Obviously you have an hour window, but if you are headed across a park, make sure you have enough time to ge5 there in the window.

Depends when you go.

On the 30th December, we saw people turned away from Indy, which probably has the biggest capacity of all shows. Some families were complaining they had been turned away from the previous show too. The CMs simply said “well you need to get here earlier”

. And these people had been in the stand-by line before we got to the FP entrance around 20 minutes before. They hadn”t even opened the stand-by line to get into the arena and had closed the stand-by line.

So it does happen. Maybe not often, but it can. Which is why I would always get an FP for a show that is a must-do for any of my family.

I never prioritize FPP for shows but this has me thinking. Would you think that the earlier or later shows would have bigger crowds? Would a FPP be more useful for the 11 am show or the 4 pm show?

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Really good question!

I’d think that when the crowds are crazy, perhaps they are not so lenient for stand-by entrance times, like, they let all of the fp holders in first. I’ve never gone during crazy crowd times, so I’ve never pre-booked a show, or seen people turned away. I usually grab a set of fp’s for a show when we’re on the way to it, just in case. Especially if we’re pressed for time.

I’ve heard that the first show is always the least busy and that was true on our trip. We did folk standby and got in line 25 minutes before the show (10 minutes before they opened the doors) and the line was not bad. When we exited, 30 minutes before the next show, the lines were already longer.

Thanks for all the replies - back to the planning page for some of my timings now (which isn’t really a bad thing!) :smile: