Fastpass+ with Military Tickets

We have Military tickets purchased through Shades of Green. We are staying at POR and have linked our tickets. Getting ready to make FP+ reservations 60 days out but the calendar only shows 30 days out availability. Is there any way to correct to 60 days?

Are you within your 60 days? If not, it should open AT the 60 day mark.

Otherwise I have no clue.

If you resort reservation and your tickets are in your MDE, then your FP+ window will open at the 60 day mark. We’ve done it multiple times with military tickets. I know it’s really unsettling though to not be able to see the window until 60 days out, but it will work. Just be ready at 7 am EST at the 60 day mark.

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I had the same issue when nearing my 60 day mark. Could only see 30 days. I called and CM explained that Fastpass system is a real time system, so the 60 day window does not appear until you actually reach your 60 day mark. When I logged on at 7:00 the next day the window did appear as I was told it would. I immediately grabbed a Fastpass for FOP for 9 people, but only time available was 5:35 PM. Five minutes later all FP for FOP were gone. I did get FP for all the other attractions I wanted during our 5 day trip around the times I wanted without any problem. Will be in the world in 8 more days!

The tickets that you’ve linked are active tickets, not linked to a package.

So, although you have a stay at SoG booked, you could use those tickets at any time. The system has no way of knowing when you want to use the tickets (unless you book a package).

And if you did want to use them before your stay, you are only allowed to book FPs with them for 30 days ahead.

Once you reach 60 days out from your stay, the window will extend to 60 days. You could still choose to book FPs for next week with those tickets, but you also now are able to book FPs for the first 10 days of your stay.