Fastpass+ website down?

I can´t get in to the fastpass reservation portion of my Disney experience; I just get a blue circle that won´t stop spinning! I´ve tried different browsers and the app, but I can´t get in. Is this normal?

Yes - people on chat reporting same. Hang in there. Hope it clears up soon!

should I refresh the page or let the circle spin?

I might just walk away and try later, honestly. If you can, that is. Otherwise maybe refresh? Make sure cookies are off

Yep the Fastpass+ reservation portions of the site and app seem to have pooped their pants. Hopefully things will get cleaned up soon!!

It says that I haven’t made ANY FastPasses yet! I’ve made them for 5 different days!!! I hope they get that fixed and I haven’t lost everything. Does anyone else’s show the same?

Everyones looks like that. YOu’re totally fine. Don’t stress.

I wouldn’t worry if you already made reservations. Whenever the system has gone down in the past I have had a similar experience but once its back up and running everything reappears

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Weirdly, my TPs no longer show the time for my FPPs.

Well that makes no sense because the systems are 100% independent of one another and TP requires YOU to put the times in. I create them all the time with FPPs I don’t have yet just to see how things shake out when done differently. Did you put them in?

It´s up again.

Tron is that you??


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Yes, I entered my FPP times. I checked my TP for tomorrow and the times are there. Strange.

that is so strange. I was working with my TP when the FPP was down this morning and they were in my plans.