Fastpass VS Touringplans

We are 2 days away from being able to choose our FP+ but now that we have our plans done with the touring plans app/website, I see minimal waits for rides that are supposed to be VERY busy, ie: Tower of Terror (11 min), Kali River Rapids (13min), Na’vi River Journey (13min), Its a Small World (6 mins).

I did use some FP+ for Flight of Passage, Kilimanjaro Safaris but I struggled to assigned any in Animal Kingdom even with the new Toy Story Land attractions, so much that I used a FP+ for Slinky Dog in the afternoon for a second ride (the wait was over 1 hour down to 10 mins, so yeah the difference is amazing).

I guess my question is, should I still book FP+ according to the usual mantra of which rides should be FP even if according to the optimised/evaluated plans there is short waiting time (5-12mins)? Or can I “save” my FP+ and use them like I did for a second ride later on the day (Slinky Dog example)

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Others may give you different advise but I always, always, always book FPs for my “must do attractions”.


I agree with @PrincipalTinker. I would rather have a fastpass that I don’t really need than end up with an unexpected long line.


This is a great question as most of my touring plans are not suggesting FPP for any rides. I’ve been wondering the same thing.

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Yes, I am also planning along those lines, partly to hedge against one of my “must do” rides being down. If it is down, and you have it booked for a FP, you will be credited with an “anytime FP” to use later. So you sort of “preserve” your favorites that way.

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And also, if you actually get to your ride and the line is short, you can always ride standby and modify the FP to something else.


Just a note- do not trust the wait times for TSL. There is not enough data to predict wait times for those attractions yet.