Fastpass+ Usage

Just a general question regarding FP+… In terms of MK tour plan, is it better to book fp back to back or spread out throughout the day? I was customizing my plan and came up with a 9am, 10am, and 11am fp, thinking I would be able to add a 7pm fp after 12pm expiration. When I “optimized” the plan, it suggests an 8:30am, a 3:20pm, and a 5pm fp. I’m confused! Wouldn’t most, if not all, fp be gone by a 6pm time? Thanks for your responses!

All the hard to get ones should be gone by then, but you’d still be able to get ones like Barnstormer, Under the Sea, maybe WTP. I have been stalking FP lately because of this issue myself. I won’t start my fast passes until 10 am. Before then there is really no need unless the FP happens to be for PP or 7DMT and you can’t beat the RD crowd.

The plans aren’t trying to get you a 4th FP. They assume you will only have the 3 you can prebook.

I usually book mine back to back, but I’ve done them spread out too. It depends what the plan looks like as a whole.

Thanks! We are resort guest with early arrival on the day we are heading to MK. In my plan, I was planning a 9am fp for 7DMT, a 10a Enchanted Tales, and a 11a for Haunted Mansion, then trying for a 7p for Buzz. We are going to have 3 days at MK. This would be day 1. What do you think?


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Book your 3 fast passes as early as you can - 7am EST 60 days in advance of your check in day.
You will most likely get 9am FP for 7DMT, but you might have to be flexible and take what is available. If you don’t get a 9am FP, you might want to RD it and then swap your FP for another attraction. I also FP Enchanted Tales - I think you made a good choice there. I also like 3 days at MK. It really helps to round out the FP and hit headliners on different days.

Right now, today’s availability for Buzz for 5 people is plentiful starting at 5:15pm. Sure beats the posted 70 min wait right now!

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@tombixler Did TP tell you to get FPs for those times, or were those based on your inputs? I wonder if Haunted Mansion needs a FP that early in the day? Admittedly, Haunted Mansion is one attraction that I pay no attention to at all…

They did but TP also suggested a FP for Small World! We’re planning on hitting Peter Pan first, then Winnie The Pooh followed by first FP at 7DMR at 9a.

I do a hybrid plan. I try to start mine an hour after RD and end the first 3 by at least 1 pm. This way, we were almost guaranteed a spot on something else later in the afternoon. We were able to get a Soarin’ for 6 pm one afternoon that we were hopping, a Splash for 5 pm one day, and a 4:30 BTMRR. You can still get headliners. (Disclaimer: we were only a group of 2 so you may have different results with a larger party.

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If you are RDing, you could probably squeeze in another ride or two before your 7DMT FPP time opens up. I would suggest Under the Sea or something else between Pan and Pooh.

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I wouldn’t waste a FP on Small World either. So, if I am following, you are hitting 7DMT closer to 10am?

Park opens at 8a. Hoping to do PP and Winnie before 9a 7DMT fastpass

That’s a good idea! I was hoping that would work out.

when is your trip?

We are checking in on June 1 and staying through June 8.

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