Fastpass usage

I am trying to completely understand Fastpass

There will be 4 adults in our group and 1 child.

For example at HS if we want to ride A Star Wars Tour without her and we have 2 use the fastpass in the reservation time and then have 2 more go after the first 2 are back will that work?

Does everyone in the party have to use/redeem a fastpass at the same time? Or just individually anytime in the booked window?


You do not have to all use the fast pass at the same time. You can use it at any time in the window. How old is the child ? Do you know about rider swap passes? If the child is too young to ride you can schedule a child friendly fast pass for the child and an adult, get a rider swap pass and then up to three adults can return later.

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Thanks! This is all great information! :slight_smile: