Fastpass tips for May 2020

hi, we are about to book our fast passes. We have made our dining reservations but arent married to anything really. Are there any fastpass tips you can offer? we have read all the guides and are a bit on overload. 5 people, 3 adults 2 kids 6 and 4. want to do alot of rides and are early risers. Any tips appreciated, especially when it involves actually making the fast pass reservations. thanks

You’ll need to figure out what you want to do in each park each day. That should help you identify which attractions you’ll want on which days. Then you should prioritize you list based on demand and arrange FPPs in that order (not necessarily in chronological order). For the big ones/hard to get ones you should have alternate plans in mind so you can shift on the fly on FPP morning and make changes as you go if needed.

If you can share your list here folks are always willing to help others identify which order to go for them in.

As mentioned, prioritize what are your “must do” rides. Then figure out which of these are probably the most popular / hardest to get. Not all rides are super hard to get a FPP for, but there’s definitely 2 - 3 rides at each park that are more scarce than others.

If you really are early risers and can get to the parks one hour or more before the park opens, then you shouldn’t need to schedule your first FPP until about 1 - 1.5 hours after the park opens. You can typically “walk on” your first ride and the queues for the next 1 - 2 rides should be 20 minutes or less. This means you’ll have FPPs for the rides you want at the most popular times of the day 11am - 2pm

The FPP system comes online at 7am (EST). Be up and at your computer, don’t use your phone to book FPP, by 6:50am (EST). Keep a written list of the rides you want, in order of priority, and the best times you are looking for. (Have a “back-up” time in case the one you really want is gone.)

If you see a FPP and you aren’t sure you want it - grab it! It probably won’t be there even a minute later.

If you aren’t sure how to prioritize your selections - post them here. You’ll get lots of great feedback for what order to try and get them. (It’s also helpful if you list which days you are in each park. Around here ppl refer to them by “60+1 = MK / 60+2 = DHS” to say day one of our trip is Magic Kingdom / day two = Hollywood Studios.