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Fastpass+ Questions.

On the parks that have tiered FP+, I have made my three FP+; one for tier 1 and two for tier 2. Here are my two examples which leads to the same question.

Example one, I make one of my tier 2 FP+ early in the day and I do not use it and it expires. I use my other two FP+ as reserved. After using my last FP+, can I go to a kiosk and attempt to get another tier 1 attraction?

Example two, I use my two FP+ (tier one and one tier 2) as reserved. I then cancel my other tier 2 FP+ before the time of the reservation. Can I immediately go to a kiosk after cancelling the tier 2 FP+ and attempt to get another FP+ for a tier 1 attraction?

Example 1, you definitely can. Example 2, I’m not certain but I believe you can. There definitely used to be a loophole where you could cancel your remaining FPP and immediately try for another tier 1 at the kiosk. But you may find little availability for tier 1 attractions.

In theory, yes you can. A word of caution- perfect example- Niter posted this morning on chat that he was thinking about going to Epcot. He then realized that there were no FPs left. The only park you can depend on having a desirable FP choice after noon is MK. You may get lucky- I just wouldn’t plan on it. That is why you go to the headliners at rope drop, and then save your FPs for later- guaranteeing a second ride on that headliner.

I have a follow-up question: can you get FP’s in a different park once you use your original 3 in the first park? I’m hopping from DHS to MK one day and have FP’s for MK, but the waits are crazy for DHS even at RD, so wondering if I scheduled them for DHS and used them, would I then be able to get one at a time in MK later that day.

Yes, if you use your three at HS you can then go to a kiosk at MK and make another.