Fastpass times

I’ve read and read about FP strategies but still don’t feel I know the best way to go so wanted to get peoples views

Travelling at a time when crowd levels range between 5 and 7/8. Would you recommend booking your three FPs at 9, 10 and 11, (but not using the first one until as late as possible so you can get in a few RD rides) and then seeing what else is available for the rest of the day. Or would you book them for later?

On some of my optimized plans the recommendation has been to get a FP later in the day but I’m concerned about tying up my FP until the end of the day.

Also, on a park swap day, when I wanted to do RD for a few hours, back to hotel for midday break and then second park at say 5pm, would you do the FPs for the first or second park?

Hope someone can help

Here is another thread from yesterday that may help you:

What is your plan for park/days?

Thanks. We’ve got two weeks so I’m hoping for plenty of time in each park with a few rest days / water park days. I’m thinking 3/4 days at MK, 2 days at Epcot, 2 days at AK, 1 day at HS. Then maybe a morning each at Epcot and HS and an evening each at Epcot and HS.

We’re hoping to do RD as much as we can and do resort breaks in the middle of the day to rest

You are not hopping? If you are not I think I would plan my FPs for later in the morning to be completed before I leave for my break but make the 4th one for when I plan on returning.

Thank you. Makes sense. Most days we probably won’t hop. Just have a break in the day if needed. We might hop on two days - Epcot am and HS eve with resort break in the middle - and vice versa on the other day

On your hoppping days I would identify your priority. I always FP Hollywood Studios regardless of the time of day but that is because I love theee rides. You may love Epcot or decide to just book the night and take a chance with early morning lines. Decide what will work best for you. Enjoy!