FASTPASS times in Lines

It says on the web site that the Lines app allows you to see the FASTPASS time for soaring while you are in the World Showcase. I can find the standby wait times and if available the single rider wait times, but I can’t find the FASTPASS times. Can someone tell me where to find it?

Is that from the old system where you would go and get a FP ticket? You used to be able to see the current stand by time and the time the paper FPs had you return.

Do you have a link? Haven’t heard about that. Understand FPP times are around 20% standby or something like that.

Yes, I;d heard the 20% estimate rule. It was almost always spot on, which I liked a lot- so if standy on lines app said TT 60 mins, we could use our (babyswap) fpps, guessing that would be about 12 mins.

This is the page:

It’s the section titled “Disney World Lines”

Thanks for the 20% rule of thumb.

Is there someplace we can find out if FASTPASS is still available for a particular ride? How do you figure out what’s still available for your 4th FP?

I think @len can confirm if that if left over from the old system.

Ah, we need to update that text. We’ve got recent Fastpass+ availability (like, in the last 30 minutes), but we’re not ready to display it yet. Soon. Thanks for the heads up.

ETA: As far as the time you wait to use a FP+, yeah, it’s around 20%, depending on the attraction. The Optimizer uses a custom calculation for some rides (like Anna and Elsa), but that’s ballpark.

I’d LOVE for you to be right. It would be cool if Lines could let us know FPP wait times too and I would really love to know when a particular FPP typically gets sold out (if it’s available at all) during a day w crowd level ‘x’. But, b/c the link mentions FastPass and not FastPass Plus, guessing the info is outdated. At least, when I was in WDW a couple months ago, there were no predictions for FPP times.

Edit: now seeing Len’s confirm. Thanks @Len!

As far as finding out what’s available, you’ll go to a kiosk once you’ve used your 3rd FPP (or once the time expires) and you’ll be given a list of options. Usually and especially on crowded days, many ‘super’ headliners are sold out. So, attractions like Toy Story, Soarin, Mine Train, etc are gone. I have gotten some ‘super’ headliners as a 4th but this was on low crowd days.