Fastpass suggestion

I need advice. I currently have fpp for Star Tours at 9:35, but I’m debating switching it for the last Disney Jr. show. I know everyone says that you don’t need fpp for Star Tours because it loads so efficiently, but I’m concerned with all the recent problems with crowds that the line might be crazy long if I don’t keep it, and my son really wants to ride that ride. Thoughts?

If it is important to your son, keep the FP.

Is your FP time for 9:35 am or pm?


I cannot imagine a day in which you would need a Fast Pass for Star Tours at that time. Everyone will either: be in line to sign up for JTA, or in line for TSMM! ToT, or RnR. You most likely will be able to do Star Tours multiple times. The funny thing about star yours is that the FP line can take longer than stand by (those Mickey heads slow you down).

Aren’t they adding new planets soon for the new movies? I’m wondering if after that, Star Tours will become busier…

Even still, before 10am will still be practically a walk-on.