Fastpass Strategy

Hi All! My fastpass window opens tomorrow morning and I’m working on my strategy. When I made ADRs, I had my husband log in to his own account and make them at the same time and that worked out well. Does that strategy also work for FPs? Any other tips you’d care to share? Thanks!

Make sure you are starting with hardest to get. Get what you can and then modify or go back. If you and your husband are both doing it at the same time, know who is doing what passes.


Yes, when my wife and I did FP last week, we each logged into our own MDE Account. Then, while she was securing FP for Seven Dwarfs, I was looking for Slinky Dog.

The toughest to get are: Slinky, Flight of Passage, and Seven Dwarfs. Book those first, then it’s pretty easy to fill in the rest.


GL! mine is tomorrow also ~ may the fastest liner win … j/k :wink:


jj - do you know if its better if you have others helping make fastpasses to be on their own accounts or all log into my/same acct ?

I don’t have personal experience on FP day, but in parks I have seen occasional glitches when signed in on the same account. I would sign into two different accounts if you have them and just check in advance to be sure that you both can access all guests that will need to be booked.

Yes, I can’t speak to being in the same account; we (my wife and I) were logged into our own MDE accounts, working on our FP at the same time, literally next to each other.

“cj” raises a good point, make sure each of your MDE accounts have the same “My Family & Friends” otherwise, one of you may not make FP for the entire group.

Thanks so much!!

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That’s so helpful, thank you!

:joy: Uh oh! I don’t know if Adventureland is big enough for the both of us!:cowboy_hat_face:

do you all know if there is a tutorial or another post on how others create MDE accounts and be connected to mine the main one? was trying to find something on here to that effect and really didnt find anything… just dont want it to be screwy tomorrow AM.


If you have already created them as a guest in your MDE you should be able to go to the list of your family and friends and find them in your list. you click on update next to the person’s name. there should be an option to invite the person to connect. you can then put in their email address and they should get an email asking them to create an account. They’ll get an email and take it from there.

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ty! thats the info i needed :+1:

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Once they have their account just make sure they are connected to everyone so that they can plan for them. If they need to connect to other guests that you manage on your account they will have to sign in to their account and invite them to connect using your email address and their name. If you have any trouble, call Disney. They were super helpful connecting a few stubborn ones when I did this to manage a memory maker share and it didn’t take long at all to get them to fix it all up.

so bizzy - how did you do? mine was chaotic - couldnt get my son and hubby setup with their accounts - they could only see certain people in our group ;/ and we couldnt do it on my account at the same time - so lost alot of time - didnt get some things, but overall not terrible - hoping to modify and rope drop at this point :slight_smile:

It was a hot mess! My husband has an account that we’ve used before for ADRs and I made sure our party was linked to him but for some reason he couldn’t make fastpass reservations that included our son. So, I finally just told him to stop trying. I was ready first thing at 7AM but got error messages that continued until 7:15. I had to leave for work at 7:45. Even after I could finally get to the FP times, I would sometimes still get error messages and have to start all over again. Soooo, long story even longer (:crazy_face:), I got all of the FPs that I wanted on the days that I wanted them…just not at the times I wanted. I’m just going to keep trying to modify.

There was one good part to the whole fiasco. My little boy woke up early and watched me while I made the FP reservations. He was soooo excited seeing all of the rides! He could barely contain himself. I guess it’s worth the loss of our savings and my sanity. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you end up with all the rides you want!! Remember the days when you just showed up at an amusement park with your fanny pack and no plan whatsoever? That would be so much better.

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Im originally from California so went to DL alot - you could go same day and ride pretty much everything - so planning WDW has been an experience.
The only rides we didnt get were FOP and SDD - thinking for FOP will do same day drops , rope drop or try with FP4me. SDD - will try and ride after Galaxys edge - going to rope drop this. For HS - Got TSM, star tours and Frozen show.

btw - loving modify - inching up 5 min at a time lol

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