FastPass+ "Sharing"

We have new Annual Passes we will not be exchanging until early December. Our last trip was in 2012 and we have been regular visitors since 2005, so we do understand how WDW used to work.

I have two questions regarding FP+. First, based on the old strategy that arriving early on low crowd days and riding what we want within the first hour or two, should we schedule FP+ for later in the morning/afternoon or are the crowds getting so big that FP+ at anytime is necessary?

Second, with the old FP system our family of four would get four paper tickets and then let the two kids ride twice because us parents did not ride the bigger, jerkier rides. Can this be done with the new FP+ system if we switch MagicBands or paper tickets? Or does the RFID technology “know” that I’m in the vicinity and counts me as a rider even if I am not and the kids are out of luck. Our kids are teenagers now and can ride alone, so letting them ride alone is no problem. Thnaks.

You can just pass on your MB so your kids can use your FPs if you want. I have had a few CMs call me by name but I do not think they care who is using the FPs.

I think you have to find what works best for you scheduling FPs. I always schedule mine for my second park but that being said, I will always schedule at HS (those stand by lines have been crazy and RnR and ToT are two of my favorite attractions), and I never, ever schedule FPs at EP since Soarin is the only attraction I think is worth a FP.

Switching bands is no problem. We were nervous after I got photographed at the entry due to band malfunction, but even then my husband was able to use my band.

Our family has two daredevils and two chickens (including me), so swapping bands is great for us.

Thanks everyone for information!