FastPass+ Scheduling

So our FP+ are available at midnight tonight. Should I have people help me try to schedule them or should I do them all myself? A little background, we have 8 people in our party. I will be scheduling 4 of them, my in-laws and my husband and I, for sure but I wasn’t sure if I should have my mom and sister do their and their husbands FP+ or just do them all myself.

If you have them all linked to your account you could do them all yourself. If you think you will have trouble with something just pick 4 or 6 people and then try to copy. Have you booked FPs before?

They are all linked to my account. That was how I did the dining reservations. I haven’t ever done FP+ ones before. What is it like?

After you chose the date the system will ask what park that you want to schedule the FPs. Then you will select who you want to schedule them for. The list of possible attractions will come up and you will make your choices. They will then give you three “options” which will be three choices for times. For example: if you pick Space, Big Thunder and Splash they may give you 9:00-10, 10:00-11, and then 11:00-12 and then afternoon options and night time options. I like to pick the time furthest away from when I want my fast passes and then I move them one at a time to the order/time I want them.

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Just wanted to say that if you all want to do the same things at the same times, I’d book them all at the same time (rather than split it up). I booked our party of 7 with no trouble at midnight at our 60 day mark, and some of the days of our trip are at level 10 on the crowd calendar. Just double check when you’re done that the system made all the FPs for everyone in your party - I found a set that it made just for me somehow, but was able to fix it easily that night. I’ve since moved a few around with no trouble, as well.

Good luck!

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How did it go?