Fastpass/ Rider switch question

Traveling to WDW the first week of may- family of four, kids are 2 and 5. Can I fastpass FOP for my husband and Navi for the kids and me at the same time. Check in all together at FOP, get a rider switch, then the kids and I ride Navi while hubs rides FOP. Then me (and maybe 5 yr old if she grows another inch and seems brave) return to ride FOP? Will the cast member give a rider switch if I don’t have a FP? Thanks!

Yes to all of that.

I thought they made everyone tap in before they would allow you to do a rider swap?

Now if you all waited in the FOP line and did this i see it working, but not 3 people riding on 1 FP.

You can definitely do this. You don’t need a FP for an attraction to get the Rider Switch pass - FP is not a prerequisite.

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Only the first group riding need to tap in.

No you don’t need a FP for rider swap, but you would have to wait in the line and get the swap pass at the last attendant or so correct? Or at least that is the way I read this. I have never used it, since my DD is below the magic 44" and my DW doesn’t have any interest in the thrill rides.

To Use Rider Switch:

  1. First check with a Cast member to see if Rider Switch is offered at the attraction in question.

  2. Once at the attraction, approach the greeting Cast Member with your entire party. At least one adult member of your party and the Guests who are not riding will be given a Ride Switch pass and asked to wait in a designated area (usually outside of the attraction). This group is “Party 2.”

  3. The other party members (“Party 1”) ride the attraction.

  4. After riding the attraction, Party 1 locates Party 2 and gives the Rider Switch pass to the adult member who will be riding. Party 1 takes over supervision of the non-riding children or Guests.

  5. Party 2 enters and boards the attraction without having to wait in the regular queue a second time. The Rider Switch Pass must be presented to a Cast Member at this time.

If the person in Party 2 waited alone with the child, he or she may bring one other Guest back to ride the attraction with him or her. Please note that only 2 Guests are allowed per Rider Switch Pass.

You get it from the first CM as you enter the line.