Fastpass+ reservations planning on using rider switch

I understand that if I plan to use rider switch on some attractions that it can in essence double the amount of fast pass+ reservations I can make by only choosing the guests from the first group to ride. I haven’t been able to find out anywhere if this works for the tiered rides in Epcot and DHS. If I reserve a tier a ride for part of our group, can the other guests also reserve a tier a attraction?
Thank you in advance!

It does work for the tiered rides. The limit of 1 “Tier 1” ride is per person, so say you are a party of 5 with 1 small child, you could get FP+ for Soarin’ for 2 people and then FP+ for TT for 2 other people. FEA is listed as Rider Swap, but it does not have a height restriction so I’m not sure how that works.

I can’t speak to child swap, but every member of your group could have a different selection of FPPs; they are really all individual reservations, but you are given the option to book them as a “block”, as most groups are families that want to stay together - at least most of the time…

So help me here. I have a family of five, dds 7 and 4, dh, and ds 1. How can I leverage rider swap? Dd4 is only 38" and cannot/ will not go on thrill rides but my dd8 loves them. So can I get FPP for my dd3 with the intent to let my dd8 use them? Can I get FPP for the infant? TIA

The infant has no ticket so no FP+ for him. Get a FP+ for one adult and one child. Those two go on first getting a rider pass for the other adult. When the first 2 get off the ride the other adult can take the same child on again still going through the FP+ line. Have a great trip!

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Thank you everyone for your help.
For U999: As previous poster said, the infant cannot get a FP. But you can double the amount of FP reservations you can make if you make those reservations for rides using Rider Switch that your 4 yr old won’t be riding. For instance, make a reservation for Space Mountain for your husband and 8 yr old and one for Splash Mountain for yourself and the 4 yr old. When arriving at Space Mountain let the cast member know that you want to use rider switch. Your husband and son will enter using FP and you will be given a rider switch pass which will get you on the ride through FP after your husband and son have riden. You can also take the 8 yr old with you when you ride. Do the same at Splash Mountain (only you and the 8 yr old would ride first). By doing this you’ve basically used 1 of your 3 reservations to ride 2 rides. (And your 8 yr old gets to ride each twice!)

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I know this is an old thread, but does anyone know if the whole family has to get into line to get the rider swap pass? We are also a family of five traveling with our 12 year old, 13 year old, and 2 year old. Can my husband take the older children into the line and ask for the rider swap for me while I take the 2 year old to another attraction or area? Thank you.

You don’t need to/can’t get into the line with the baby. You just need to show up with the baby at the entrance to the line to ask for the swap lanyard. Then you can take the baby elsewhere while everyone rides though!

Thank you so much!

When group 2 comes back with the rider swap lanyard, does a child have to ride with them?

For example:
Group 1 (has Fastpass):
DD (age 4)

Group 2 (has lanyard):
My mom
DS (age 2)

Can I ride again with my mom and not take DD again, or is she essential to getting in rider swap lane?

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Any 3 people can ride the second time! You just need to bring DS2 up with you the first time to GET the lanyard.

Also - Group 1 turns in the lanyard before they ride. So they will come out with the paper swap pass that is good until the end of the month.

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