Fastpass+ questions for AK/FOTLK/shows

If I am trying to select a FP+ for a show (i.e.Festival of the Lion King), what window will the show FP+ be for? And what time should we plan on arriving? FOTLK is the only show FP+ I’m planning on (right now), and I want to know how soon I can select subsequent FP+'s.

For example, my TP has FOTLK at 10 am (OK, maybe I don’t need a FP+ for 10 am), then EE at 10:45, for which I want at least one FP+ (and RS for DH). If I have a FP+ for FOTLK, can I then pick EE FP+ for 10:45, even though the FOTLK starts at 10 am?

If you don’t think we need FOTLK FP+ at all for the week of July 4, I can pick DINOSAUR instead, which I had at the end of the afternoon and am hoping for a same day FP+.

My 60 day window is Monday and it will be my first time using the FP+ system. Want to make sure I’m ready and not trying to problem solve while booking FP+'s.

FYI, I’m booking SDD first (fingers crossed) for 60+5, then FOP (hopefully) for 60+3, and then if I’m lucky, all the others will be available for the rest of our trip.

I seem to remember that for FotLK, the FP window was something like 10.30-10.50 for the 11am show.

So yes, then you could get any FP after that time.


Yes! I have booked FPs for both FoLK and Nemo in the past. The window is 20 minutes.