Fastpass+ park hopping dilemma

For my January holiday, I think I should be able to snag PM fastpasses for SDD and FOP. What would be the best strategy out of the following 2 variations:
A) Schedule my tier 2 fastpasses also in the afternoon and rope drop a different park in the morning.
B) Schedule my tier 2 fastpasses in the morning and then try to modify the tier 1 fastpasses to an earlier slot.

Also, do you usually schedule your tier 1 fastpass before or after the tier 2’s in the day?

Thank you for your help! First timer here from Belgium!

I booked my first half of my split stay fastpasses on Saturday and funny you mention it, both of my fastpasses for those rides are later in the afternoon. For FOP I booked my other fastpasses in the morning and I’m hoping to modify FOP to get it earlier but I’m not sure that’ll be an option. It’s a pretty hard fastpass to get.

For SDD, we’re doing EMH at another park and then hopping over to do fastpasses at HS. I think it’s best to book fastpasses after 11 as the first couple of hours are not as crowded so I save them for when it starts getting busy.

@macoombi Were you not able to book all of your fast passes for your split stay at 60 days? I’ve heard recently that people had success booking fast passes for the whole vacation when the first window opened up.

I just checked and MDE will allow me to book FP’s for only the first part (Jan 22-26). The second half is Jan 31st to Feb 5th and I guess it’s not within the 60 day window yet.

@macoombi Oh, got it. You have a gap between your stays. That makes more sense now. You had me worried for a second. I have a back to back split stay coming up in February and I am really hoping that I will be able to book all my fastpasses 60 days from the first check in :slight_smile:

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As long as both parts are continuous and at Disney owned hotels, you will be fine.

A DS Resort / Disney Resort stay does not open the one window for all days.

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