FastPass+ Overlap

I’ve read that FP+ times can’t overlap, which makes sense. But does that mean if I have a 10-11 FastPass that I can’t schedule my next one until 11:05-12:05, or would 11-12 be allowed? My 60 day is Wednesday, so just trying to get all my (Donald) ducks in a row.

11-12 is allowed. Hope everything goes well with your FPs on Wednesday!

As lecras said, yes the times can be right next to each other.

Other tips: if you aren’t successful at getting a desired FPP for your whole group for a particular popular ride, try breaking it down into small groups and try for overlapping times.

Good one for when you are in the park: Also remember: once you get there and tap into a ride, you can immediately go into MDE and see if you can move your next FPP to a closer time if that helps your plan that day.

On a day where we had 3 FPP that spread out all the way from 9:30AM to 2PM. After tapping in I was able to move the 2nd and later 3rd way up and had them all used by 11AM! That made it easier to grab better 4th and later FPPs.

Unrelated thing I learned while typing this message: you can type the word clock with a number after it (no space) and put a colon in front of and behind it and the forum will display a tiny clock icon for you. Pretty neat!

clock930 :clock930:
clock2 :clock2:


OK, I’m going to be abusing the heck out of this! :smiley:

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Looks like the clock thing has to be in 12 hour format and on the half hours.

If you type :clock and some number, the options will pop up.

If you type a colon : to start a word and any letter, the forum editor pops up a list of possible emoji to use, which is how I found it by mistake!

So much for that


OMG this is awesome!! I never thought about this, but makes total sense. Thank you!!