FastPass+ or lower Crowd Level better?

Greeting Touringplans forum!

My family and I are heading down to WDW next week and I have a quick question I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on (Typically we go during the slower months and so I don’t have this type of decision)…

We have FP+ for Epcot on a day where the crowd level is predicted to be 10, but we could swap and go to AK on that day (i think it is supposed to be a 7), but we wouldn’t have our fastpasses for either park in that case. Which is better - the lower crowd level and no fastpasses or higher crowds with the fastpasses?

Thanks for any input!


IMHO I’d stick with the FPP. I’d fear that with no Fast passes at AK, you would be waiting in line a LOT


If you have a solid TP, and know what you want to do, and you know how to work the FP system, and you know how to zag when everyone else is zigging, you probably won’t notice a big difference in a cl10 vs a cl7, unless you are planning to get there late after the crowds are already there.


Definitely get there super early and keep your FPP. If you have a TP, you will be fine and know what to expect to accomplish.

I’m not sure how much difference there is between a 7 and a 10 sometimes- they’re both going to be pretty busy. I think you can still have a good time at a 7 park without FP if you know how to work it, but you’ll have a better time at a 10 park if you know how to work it AND have FPs!

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Fastpass for sure and an early start with rope drop. We were there last week and even though I re evaluated my TP the day before quite often after 11am the wait times on the plans was only 5 mins but the reality in the park was 20 mins this was the case throughout … so rope drop get loads done early then leave after lunch and go swimming

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