Fastpass on same attraction

I know you can’t make two fastpasses for the same attraction, but can you get a 4th fastpass for an attraction you already Fastpassed (if available)? Also, if we were to schedule only two FastPasses, could we get the third FastPass day of for the same attraction that was one of our first two, or do we have to wait until we use three? The one we’re thinking of specifically is Star Tours if it’s still available.

If we have to wait for the 4th FastPass, we are arriving in the afternoon, so would it be OK to schedule a FastPass in the morning that we have no intention of using, just to use up a FP?


No, you can’t duplicate inside the first 3 fpp


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If you do schedule a FP that you don’t intend to use, please schedule one that isn’t popular so as to not take away from someone who wants to use a FP for that attraction. An early show would be good, such as Mickey’s Philharmagic or The Laugh Floor, as shows are hardly ever (and shouldn’t) be used with FPs.


I’m thinking a 9:50 AM FastPass to MuppetVision 3D… That should fall into the “not popular” range… Definitely won’t schedule for Rock and Roller Coaster Tower of Terror, etc… :slight_smile:

Why don’t you schedule something you’ll use, but put it in the hour before you’re arriving. Then, get there with, say 10 minutes to spare and ride it before your day starts the way you have planned now.

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That’s not a bad idea… Then worst case (we don’t make it on time, flight delay, etc…) We just go with the original plan…

Have done this.

Have also done the throwaway thing.

Either way is fine.

I ended up booking a FastPass for Muppets 3D at 12:50 (our first FP was scheduled at 1:55 - Star Tours)… Our flight lands at 10:50, so we were thinking of picking up our rental car, driving directly to DHS (since our room likely won’t be ready), eat lunch, and stay there a few hours before going to check in. We were planning on seeing Muppets, so now if we get there and have lunch and have enough time, we’ll see it on the FastPass (even if that isn’t really necessary), otherwise we’ll just miss it and start with Star Tours after 2…

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We scheduled a throw away one on Muppets as well. Walked through to scan it and then walked back out to schedule the next fast pass as we had already seen the show. This is was a few years ago and the required kiosk was right next to the Muppets, so it seemed to make the most sense.