FastPass+ not available 60 days out?

Today is my 60 days out and when I go to MDE to schedule my FPP it doesn’t show any days beyond January 22. Has this happened to anyone else? The Disney help desk is closed and I hate to wait until morning if I don’t have to.

I happened to refresh one more time at 1am and it was available! Hooray!

Good to hear. I was in the middle of trying to find out if that was the 30 day mark when I saw your update.

Happy planning!

This has been happening more often lately where it’s been 1am and not midnight. Not sure why.

Yup, same thing happened to me at 60 days out… I was agonizing over not being able to secure fpp during the middle of the night with no customer service available. I gave up and went to bed for a few hours, then when I tried again, it worked just fine.

My next “FPP date-night” is coming up in a few days when I plan to secure our BOG lunch fpp… wish me luck.

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After this happened to me, I was told that it wouldn’t open until the parks were closed for the day. So, that might explain the 0100 openings this week.
Good luck with BOG!