Fastpass+ Nerves - Tomorrow's the Day

I haven’t been to the World since they have changed the FastPass system. I have selected a park for each day but am wondering if it is a better strategy to use them early so I can get additional rides afterward or to hit our favorite rides first thing and then FastPass mid-morning.

Also, has anyone used a FP for the new evening show at Animal Kingdom? Is it a good use of a FP?

Thank you!

I haven’t been either since the change. I’m guessing that if you’re not park hopping to use them as early as convenient and then get additional ones. Even though we’re still 6 months away I’ve done some preliminary touring plans. On the days we’re park hopping I’m saving them til later when we hit the 2nd park.

I always park hop and my answer is always- it depends on what park I am going to. I always use FPs at HS but at rope drop I can easily do what ever I want for a few hours at AK or MK.

Everyone has their own strategy, but we’ve had pretty good luck scheduling them starting about an hour after park opening, and then getting additional ones later. Remember that generally, FP windows cannot overlap, so if you hope to get additional FP’s, don’t start too late in the day. My understanding is that you no longer have to be in the park which you are hopping to, to get an additional FP for that park. So, if you are hopping, you could schedule and use your first 3 FP’s in Park #1, then before you hop, schedule your next additional FP for Park #2.

Thank you!