Fastpass needed for shows?

Hi, do you know if Fastpasses are ever really needed for shows? (Festival of the Lion King, Nemo, Beauty and the Beast at HS, Indiana Jones, etc.?) Touring Plans seems to suggest that they aren’t, but if it’s in our optimized plan I’d like to make sure our preferred show time (we have 10 people in our group, hard to change plans quickly). (Also, the fact that Beauty in the Beast is in the Group 1 of HS Fastpasses makes me wonder if you really need it? Or were they just filling out the Group to have more in there?)

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I used it once for Nemo. It got me off my feet and in the air conditioning. But I don’t ride coasters or thrill rides. So I didn’t really need it for anything else. My TP for AK is usually to sit while DS4 plays in the Boneyard. Older two DS might ride PW. Then we see Nemo and leave park. We’re not really zoo people, obvs.

For the majority of shows there isn’t really much of an advantage. Most of them don’t provide you with earlier entry or special seating and they all have such large capacity it’s unusual that everyone in standby doesn’t get to enter.

The one exception I’ve seen is FotLK. Since they re-opened in the new location the reports I’ve seen are that they are giving all FP+ entry before the standby line and first choice of seating, so it might be worth it there if you don’t have other things to fill your FP for that park.

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Beauty and the beast had the center section until 10 min before the show, then anyone could sit there

We had the same experience at Nemo as @Outer1 is describing for Lion King. saw on Lines that should have fpp for Nemo. Made big difference, we were allowed inside ahead of line, got to sit up front or wherever we wanted.

People in standby, some of them, were told to sit way in back, on bleachers with no back to the seats.

Also, they closed the fpp window early. by that I mean were not allowing usual 15 min extra leeway. Time on fpp for shows has to be adhered to exactly, we were told.

truth to be told, that’s how learned about bleachers, no backs to seats, at back of hall. we were told 1st try that couldnt use fpp b/c 2 min beyond the window. so we just kept walking out, and got fpp for next show.

I have yet to go to a show where a FPP was needed. Showing up 15-20 min before a show has always been enough for me regardless of the crowd level or show.

Thanks for your input! I didn’t realize that you might get different seats for the shows, so that’s something to consider.