Fastpass look-up without cancelling what I already have?

Booked our 60 day FP’s this morning. Over all I am very happy with what we got other than one day. How do I look for better FP opportunities without cancelling what I already have booked?

By using the modify button. It will ask you if you are sure before you change anything, and clearly show what you have currently and what you’re changing to. So you shouldn’t do it accidentally!

Thank you!!! Now I just need some pixie dust to find a FOP Fastpass for Oct. 14th!

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The modify and cancel buttons swap sides on my screen when I view on the app vs. on the web browser (modify on right when viewed on app, on left on web browser). So just make sure you press the correct one. I have been checking for FOP FP for a while now so I have to make sure I pay attention.

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Good luck!

Keep checking. I didn’t get any FOP Fastpasses at my 60 day window, but I found some (for mid-september) within a week.

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