FastPass+ Kiosk Locations - City Hall?

Hi all,

Trying to find out if the FastPass+ kiosk still exists in City Hall on Main Street in MK. Some older articles and maps show that there is a Kiosk/Ipads in there to secure FastPass+, But the official MK map does not show that location.

Does anyone know if that is still an option? We are looking for a convenient spot to secure a fourth FastPass+ on our way out of the park after lunch for later that evening. Some older articles I read stated that location was busy in the morning, but then a ghost town by mid day.

Also - if anyone has advice on which Kiosks to avoid I would appreciate it. I read somewhere that the kiosk by Stitch should be avoided at all costs due to misleading line lengths


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I used it last August. Official MK maps did not display it, but I walked into City Hall and it was there.