Fastpass for Fantasmic?

We have a fastpass for Fantasmic 9pm show on Friday Nov 3.
We are 2 adults and a toddler girl.
How does fastpass work for this show?
Are we guaranteed a seat if we show up 10 minutes before?
Or do we still have to get there super early?

Still have to get there relatively early to get a good seat, and even then the fastpass section is not really good. IMHO a Fantasmic fastpass is a waste because it also prevents you from getting any additional day-of Fastpasses after your 3 original ones are gone. Much better to get the dessert boxes…


I was actually coming to ask about this, have you done the dessert party, Its fairly cheap but im wondering if its worth the money or if maybe we should just plan to show up early

I found a review of the dessert party with pictures and to me, it’s an awful lot to pay for nothing but a box of snacks. You don’t even get to pick your desserts. There are also lunch/dinner packages which give you a Fantastic voucher and to me, this makes more sense. Especially if you would plan a TS meal that day anyhow.

Well yeah I guess that depends completely on what you are looking for and @natalie_lawy_834189’s point of view is definitely valid although mine is completely different.

The seating area is the same for both the dessert box and the lunch/dinner packages. The dessert box is not good value for your money but it’s still significantly cheaper than the sit down meal package. The dessert box has enough food to replace dinner for one night, even though it sure does not make a nice dinner. The appeal for our family is that it minimizes the waste of time. In our family, we pretty much consider eating at WDW as a waste of time. We only do snacks and quick service because we want to do rides, see shows, meet characters etc…I know that a lot of people here (probably most) really like the WDW sit-down restaurants. So, basically, it depends on your own ‘‘style’’. If you don’t really care about the food and want to maximize your theme park time, the dessert box might be the best choice for you. However, if you like doing the sit-down restaurants and if a somewhat crappy meal will ruin your day, definitely don’t listen to me LOL !!! :slight_smile:


So true, everyone’s got their own WDW priorities & style.