Fastpass for evening shows

Anyone used Fastpass for both Electric Parade and fireworks in the same night? Wondering if it is possible to get from one location to the other easily. Planning to try this in the fall when crowds are predicted to be lower. Also planning 2 1/2 days in MK so not concerned with trying up Fastpasses. Just wondering is both is practical or if one is better than the other in terms of fastpass locations.

We are doing just that on Friday - still not sure it was the best decision because as I am watching lines recently there are Fast Passes available for both late in the day, but I didn’t want to worry. I will report back when we return!

If it would not be too much trouble, I would appreciate a report back! Enjoy your trip!

Just read your after trip review of the FPP for both evening shows. Thanks for posting! Very helpful!

Glad to help! Others may not have the same experience we did, so I hate to say that you always have to stand, but the CM that night would have nothing else!