FastPass early leniency?

If I have a 9:00am FP on an EMH morning, any chance I can get in before 9:00am? I’ve read some people saying 5 minutes, but no earlier than that. Curious as to others’ experience with this.

Five minutes before and ten minutes after are the grace periods. You’re very unlikely to get in earlier than 8:55 - I won’t say impossible but I definitely wouldn’t count on it.

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What’s the FP+ for? You could probably ride Standby prior to 9am and then again with FP+.

FP for 9:00am Space Mtn, and hoping to fly to Mad Tea Party for Alice’s first meet & greet at 9:20 (and maybe have a ride with her)

Well you could walk with purpose to Space Mtn at rope drop and I would think it would be a walk on, but you’d be cutting it close either way for the 9:20 meet and greet. The TP software will give you actual times, but it’s a little bit of a walk in and out of Space Mtn.

You could just go straight to Alice’s meet and greet and then ride Space Mtn at 9:45am-ish.


I think the grace period after is 15 min. But definitely 5 min before.

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I’d just go the meet and greet and then go to Space Mountain or ride Space during EMH.

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That’s what I’ve come to as my solution! Thank you everyone! Rope Dropping Space Mtn, then Buzz, then a Cheshire Cat Tail while we wait for Miss Alice to come out to play and have Tea! :slight_smile: