Fastpass & Disney Springs Hotel

I have a reservation at a Disney Springs hotel, the B Resort and Spa. When trying to link the reservation into MDE, it is only allowing me to link 4 people (2 adults / 2 children). However, the reservation with the hotel is set for 2 adults / 3 children. I have called the B Resort and Spa, who said it is an issue with Disney. I have called and chatted twice with Disney, who says it is an issue with B Resort and Spa. Seems to me like it is a Disney issue, as I’ve confirmed the hotel reservation has 2 adults / 3 children.

My concern is the 60 day Fastpass - it seems like I will only be able to set up the FP for the 4 individuals linked with the 60-day FP hotel. However, in my chat with Disney, they stated: It shouldn’t be an issue for you with planning then. Just add four of you to the My Disney Experience® reservation when you link it. As long as all of your party is managed by you, you will be able to make your FastPass+ selections as designed. Just make sure that one person left off is one of your children that you manage. If it’s you that is left off, you will not be able to.

That seems suspicious to me… anyone know if that’s correct?