Fastpass Day

Oh my god that’s the most stressful 45 minutes of my life !
Started on a site but froze after made first selection so did the lot on my mobile app and it was easy and didn’t freeze once ! God feel relieved now ! Got nearly everything roughly where I wanted including FOP at +7 and +9 my first FOP at +3 was afternoon not morning but I’ll take that … need to go to work now to calm down hahahaha my DW has NO IDEA what we go through … she will just say “oh that’s nice” :joy::joy::joy:


Well done @Martin_G! You’re right, our fams have no idea what this planning entails haha! But as I’m sure you’d agree, it’s a labor of love. And actually I enjoy (most of) it.

I’d heard of probs with MDE, so I did the 30 day practice b4 60 day window. That’s how I found out about incognito. landed up using incognito for fpps, since at 7am MDE started looking wonky. Worked fine, a few Olafs, but no big deal, whew.


Can you explain the incognito method… Our FP+ day is tomorrow and I was doing a test this am and noticed the same thing @Martin_G mentioned… MDE site was barely accessible for any info but the app was almost seamless. Just trying to find other options before tomorrow am gets here.

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In your chrome browser you can open a incognito tab that is cookie/history free. Seems to be less buggy.

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Yes I have run into many problems with MDE while trying to see hotel availability and I chatted with an IT cast member and learned that you pretty much have to clear your cache all the time for it to work properly…

I tried clearing the cookies, still MDE wasn’t working for me that day prior to 60 window day, but it has worked for some I’ve heard.

The incognito on Chrome is the 3 little dots far right corner of screen. Then dropdown will allow you to click on opening incognito window.

I believe if you’re on an Apple computer or using other than Chrome, incognito is done somewhat differently.

My 60-day is next week; I will definitely use incognito !!

Even using incognito the WDW website is always glitchy for me with Chrome. Safari, Mozilla or IE work better, but the MDE app is usually the best bet for me.

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