Fastpass day was horrendous

I got next to nothing at 7:00 am. Olaf is a lunatic - totally SAD! Most days now showing no fastpasses available for any parks on certain days. Enough to make me want to cancel this trip

Clear cookies, use incognito, try again on browser. It has been bad for everyone so you are not too far behind the curve. I am so sorry but don’t let it ruin your trip!


I cleared EVERYTHING multiple times - also tried the APP and was a little more successful. Now NADA. Thanks for encouragement. You are right - it’s a silly Fastpass

Can you switch from
Chrome to explorer or another browser?

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And now I have none of the fastpasses I managed to make at 7 - it says I have made none

Can you share your list of what you were trying to get?

Sounds like a major issue on Disney’s side.

I had trouble last week as well. Give them a call and see if they can get something book for you. I had to do that for one day out of the 6 I made FPP for.

:astonished: :frowning_face: they might still be there just not showing right now. MDE is pretty much a mess!


Just tried to open the app and see if I could select anything, and I got this:

So its definitely not just you. Keep trying throughout the day. You should be good if it’s giving everyone else issues too.


Oh no!

The good news is that if the system was down then no one got them!


That sucks, I’m so sorry. This one day really can make or break a trip. Fast passes are everything. What the heck is going on with their IT??

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Okay all…I, like Olaf lost my head. Finally after clearing cache and cookies on Chrome several times, getting some Fastpasses thru the APP and then switching to Firefox I got pretty darn close - The only thing is SDD on day 65 only had evening availability. Wanted to start day there and end at Epcot Food and Wine festival, but I will flip the days and do Food and Wine in the morning and end at HS. GEEZ I do not recall it every being this bad 1 year and a half ago. RANT OVER and thanks for all the suggestions and help


Glad you got it, but don’t resign to switching everything around just yet. Keep trying to modify that SDD one to the day you want. You have a good chance that an opening will happen on the day and time (roughly) that you want.

A lot of people just take whatever they can get at first and then end up realizing it doesn’t fit into their plans and cancel it later.


Just seen the FP system is meant to be up and running again.

Hopefully all of you trying will have better luck now.


agreed…and in the grand scheme - even if I do have to swap my plans around, it’s no big deal. I may even change to RD SDD and get TSM as fastpass instead

If Disney were to ask me (and they will, right?) I’d recommend that they drop the current way they handle FPP registration and instead switch to a scheme that, once a person’s window opens up, they allow a person to schedule ONE FPP per hour.


Because it means it not only gives everyone MORE of a fair chance at getting the FPPs available, but it also distributes the load from everyone trying to get all their FPPs all at the same time to, on average, probably ~1/12 the load at any given hour. I think it would also take the pressure off folks who feel they have no choice but to “hurry hurry hurry!”

It also means that people would be more likely able to get the FPPs that they want MOST first and then fall off from there.

How about Disney? Are you listening?

chirp chirp chirp

Anything is better than the current system…32 years ago on our Disneymoon - we showed up - no stress, no ADR’s and there was no such thing as Fastpass - wish it was still that way

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That is an objectively terrible idea. It would take me, literally, a full 24 hours to schedule my weeks worth of FPP.


I agree. Same was true for our honeymoon 23 years ago. But, I’m afraid that ship has sailed.

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