Fastpass Day is Sunday!

So our 60 day Fastpass window opens bright and early Sunday morning. I’m hoping all of you wonderful people can help me make up my mind about Fastpass choices.

I feel pretty confident in my selections for HS and AK but I can’t quite decide what is best for MK and Epcot.

We have two partial days at Epcot. Day 1 we will arrive hopefully before 1 pm and plan to head right to Les Halles for lunch. Since we’ll already be in WS, I thought we would try to do Agent P after lunch and then get a fastpass for FEA. Then a couple of fastpasses in FW. We won’t do MS (never again) and dinner is at Via Napoli at 6 pm. What would you choose and for what times? We plan to stay until the fireworks are done.

Day 2 at Epcot we won’t arrive until about 4 pm with a 7 pm dinner at La Hacienda. Soarin’ is our favourite ride so we will probably choose it as our Tier 1. I know this might mean skipping Test Track but I think we are okay with that.

For our long MK day we plan to arrive in time for our 11:30 lunch at BOG. We will stay for evening EMH until 11 pm. We want to watch the parade at 2 pm and have to head to Poly for a 4:15 reservation at 'Ohana. Not sure what fastpasses to pick and for what times.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

I would put all of the attractions you want to do in a personalized touring plan, and then let it recommend which rides need fast passes. That is what I do, and it has always helped me! They are easier to do on a computer versus the app.