FastPass day approaches! Advice and help prioritizing, please

I liked this format from @MJJG5 so I’m rolling with it. How would you prioritize/ go about scheduling these FPPs? I’ve never done a 7:00 AM FastPass excursion before. Not really sure how it works, except to hit the headliners and then go in and fill out the rest. Does having multiple screens up really help?

60+1 Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Speedway
Jungle Cruise
BTMRR (closes for refurbishment 2 days later)

60+2 Epcot *RD Soarin’

Frozen Ever After
Living with the Land
The Seas

60+3 Hollywood Studios

Smuggler’s Run
Star Tours
Toy Story Mania

60+5 Animal Kingdom *RD Nav’i

Flight of Passage
Kilimanjaro Safari
Expedition Everest

60+6 Hollywood Studios

MM Runaway Railroad
Toy Story Mania
Alien Swirling Saucer

60+7 Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain
Peter Pan’s Flight
Winnie the Pooh

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I would opt to rope drop Frozen ever after, then get a FP for soarin. Just so all your FP are all in the same area. I’ve rope dropped FEA several times and the lines are never too long.

Thank you for the input! I chose Frozen as the FP because we will have a 2 year old and minimal wait time for him takes precedence over us every time. I would rather stay in a longer RD line for Soarin’ than FEA. Plus, we plan on the M&G with Anna and Elsa too, so we’ll want time for that.

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Your strategy for booking is spot on. Start with hardest to get. This site should help you see availability to help prepare:

Just a note about DHS - the random days of availability in late March for MMRR and MFSR are because of a recent hours change. With the hours change there are some new fastpasses out in the wild. Typically these rides don’t have availability past the 60 day mark.

For EP, I wonder about doing the FPP for Soarin’ as well. It is a far more boring line than FEA. I also like to knock out my fastpasses in future world early. You could then pick up FPPs for things like character spot, Spaceship Earth, etc before heading over to world showcase. I’ve had pretty good luck getting FEA passes later in the day.

For AK, you will probably be fine - but I would prepare for the scenario of having to FPP Navi and RD FOP depending on availability and what time would be ideal for your FPP. Might just have a backup plan there.

I have never actually used multiple screens at once, but I have had multiple device ready - phone, iPad, computer. Incognito window open. All there just in case Disney IT misbehaves and I need to try a different one. I find it easiest to book on a computer.

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I would definitely do the HS headliners first. When I did my FPP reservations last week I could still only get afternoon MMRR at 60+6 (12:10 and I need to be out of the park by 12:30 that day to get to the airport so I’ve got my fingers crossed hard I’ll be able to move it up a bit). I didn’t try to get MFSR, since I was going for SDD at 60+3 and it was also afternoon only. Other than those 2 I didn’t have any trouble getting what I wanted within a half hour of when I had planned.

Are FastPasses for character spot a thing? It’s not given as an option in Touring Plans

Might not be with construction

Character Spot was a FP attraction in the past but not currently.

With a 2 year old, I would stick to your plan to FP FEA and RD Soarin.

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From my experience, there have been same day FP available for Winnie the Pooh each day I have been to MK. Obviously it’s not a guaranty but my guess is that you don’t need a FP in advance for that one. What about switching that FP to Meet Mickey? Meeting Mickey was the highlight of the trip for my then 23 month old. I was able to find same day FP for meeting Mickey a couple times but it was much harder to find than same day FP for Winnie the Pooh.

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Thank you! I’m going to do this. I’d really like to do a Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet and I freed up some space in the TP that should allow me to do so.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the order which I should try to get FPPs? Which are hardest to get?
I’m thinking
BTMRR first, since it’s 60+1 and closing two days after,
followed by MFSR on 60+3,
MMRR on 60+6,
FEA 60+2 (or should i move this earlier? it is very important to get before noon if possible!),
FoP at 60+5,
and lastly PPF and SplashM at 60+7

you shouldn’t have any trouble getting BTMRR. I would go for FOP followed by MFSR and then PPF and then fill in all the others.

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I think the only ones that you really have to worry about, given that lineup on those days, is

  1. Smugglers Run on 60+3
  2. MM Runaway Railroad on 60+6 (this one only had afternoon FPs for me on 60+5)
  3. FoP on 60+5 (but this should be fairly easy at 60+5)

BTMRR should probably not cause too much trouble for you on 60+1 honestly, even with the refurb as most people making FP plans will probably not have any idea that is even happening.

FEA on 60+2 should also cause you little to no problem. PP and Splash on 60+7 should cause you absolutely no problem.


Thanks y’all!

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Good luck! When is FP day for you? Let us know how it works out.

One thing I’ll mention, the system is super glitchy sometimes. I’m always ready to click the ‘make FP’ button right at 7 am, but when I did it about 2 weeks ago, it wouldn’t let me in until about 7:05. That happened for our trip last year too. Just keep clicking back and trying again until it lets you in. For that reason, I’ve always found having multiple screens up not so helpful. But I think it really works for @Randall1028 :joy:


Thank you! I will keep that in mind. Monday is my FP day :slight_smile:

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