FastPass changing park selection (before trip)

We are heading to WDW in a month—have a 6 day ticket–but it’s really 4.5 days in the park (added the arrival/depature days since extra days were not much more $). This is our 3 trip.

We have a park hopper and already have FP+ booked–keep looking to optimize. Is there any way to change parks (without deleting everything out)–so, for example, if we realize we’d rather swap the day we are at HS with AK.

We’ve gotten some of the hardest ones—Avatar, Slinky Dog Dash etc

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You can’t just select a different day for the FPPs you already have. If you want to change days, you have to see what’s available and select from that.

You should be able to check availability before dropping what you have, but finding those hard to get ones will be difficult.

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Yes you can search another park and drop the FP+ you have if you find what you want in the other park. That is how our park days got determined this week based on which days I could get SDD & FOP.