Fastpass Before Checkin

We are using one day of our Disney tickets before we check in to a Disney hotel. I therefore understood that I could not get fastpasses for that date until 30 days before date. Today is 30 days before and the disney website will not let me choose any dates before our check in date. What do I do?

Is your 60 days before check in to the resort tomorrow then? If this is a package, I think it’s right. Your tickets would be tied to your resort dates. If you have room only, you may need to call.

If your tickets are part of a package the days before your stay do not open up. The days after will open one day at a time. If you booked a room only and purchased tickets separately you should be able to make FPs for your whole stay at day 60 and every day before that.

If the tickets are part of a package you will need to activate your tickets early in order to use them. I think you can do this up to 10 days early, but it has to be at the parks.

I thought you couldonly make fastpasses for those early days before your package starts once you activated the tickets. But I hope for your sake that @PrincipalTinker is right :slight_smile:

If your tickets are purchased separately there is no need to activate. Packages mess everything up. Unless you have free dining it is almost always best to get your tickets separately.

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We have a package. :frowning: I had planned to go by Disney Springs a couple days before so that I was sure our tickets were on our magic bands before going into the park. Is there no way to activate in advance so that I can secure fast passes? This is very disappointing.

There is no way to do it before. Your tickets are on your second stay?

We are travelling with a baby as well as my 8 year old so we thought that staying onsite at both Universal and Disney would make life so much easier. Originally we were using the three days at Disney starting on our check in date and had bought the tickets with that in mind as part of our package. In thinking it through after the purchase our check in day will be very busy as it is with moving the baby and all of our stuff and therefore getting into the park at opening would be near to impossible. Hence our decision to go to one of the parks before our check-in. I am wondering if we should not change things back…which would be worse going into the park without any fast passes or trying to move our stuff over to the Disney hotel and get into the park by opening.

Are you really determined you must be at the parks at opening? I know rope drop is a great time to tour, but I have never done it :grinning:

Is there a park that you feel you would not need to rope drop? Then you can drive over, leave everything with bell services and go straight there. I would rather have 3 fastpasses and a good touring plan than none.

Thanks. Yes I agree with that and truthfully the baby has us up so early we probably could make it across to the Disney hotel pretty early. It is good to know for next time.

My sister is in the same situation for our upcoming trip to Disney World. The CM on the phone told us that the tickets can be activated (or used to enter the parks) up to 10 days before check-in at the resort. So you could go to Disney Springs before your check-in, get your tickets activated and select Fastpasses for the days before you check-in.