Fastpass+ at RD?


Hi everyone! I have tried to find the answer to this somewhere else and have been unsuccessful. I have been working on my TPs for our trip in January and I can't figure out whether I should try for early morning fastpasses or do RD instead? Specifically, right now, I am working on AK and the optimzer is telling me to get a fastpass first thing for Kilimanjaro Safari. Does that seem right? or if we do it at RD do I not need a fastpass?
Thanks for your indulgence of a newbie ::smile:


If you are there for RD, then I don't think you need a FP for that early for the safari. We went in October, were there for RD and had no lines in the early morning, We met Mickey and Minnie and then went over to the safari and had a minimal wait (maybe 5 minutes). We used our FP for later in the morning and afternoon.


Don't think of it as an either/or proposition. FPP and RD are two key aspects of efficient touring. The first attraction or two at RD can be equivalent to FPP in terms of wait times. Using an FPP at RD is a waisted opportunity IMHO. Again, the goal is usually to reduce time in lines: mission accomplished (with exceptions) simply by RDing and using the right RD strategy (ie show up early, choose the right attractions, etc). Our strategy is to RD several headliners and start FPP a couple-ish hours after opening (as the lines build). Selecting the right FPP attractions and times is key too. By the way, Safari in the am is the way to go for RD at AK for several reasons.


Not being able to see your plan I can't say for sure, but sometimes the Optimizer puts the "this would be a good FPP" verbiage on a lot of attractions. Take a look at the ones that would be the best use of your FPP, i.e. the three suggested ones with the longest waits. I doubt that KS near RD is one of the top three.


We think of those first two rd rides as added fast passes. So each day had 5 rides that were 'a' listers (mountains at MK and the like). That made it easier for us to make our TPs. Although there are a few that even rd is interesting (TSMM, 7DMT, a&E) so we fastpassed those.