Fastpass+ Advance Reservations

I just got done booking my fastpass+ reservation for the 60 day out thing. I noticed when I hunted for Galaxy’s Edge that there appeared to be NO Fastpass for this ride in AK. These Fastpass + are for Oct 1st to the 10th. Thought there would be some available but they were not even mentioned in AK signup.

I did not think they were doing Fast Passes for Galaxy’s Edge. But even if they were, why would Galaxy’s Edge be in AK? It is in Studios.


Galaxy’s Edge is in Hollywood Studios, not AK. There initially will be no fastpasses for the two rides in Galaxy’s Edge (the name of the land, not a ride). The names of the rides are -Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. You can read all about it on Disney’s website.


Thanks a lot both of you. You are so right it is in HS not AK. I have never been a big Star Wars fan so I guess I can kind of behind the times. I on the other hand am more of a Avatar fan and by getting up at 0530 in the morning I was there for the opening of my Fasspass window. Got my Flight of Passage twice and I and my wife are thrilled. She is the adrenalin junkie but I must admit that I loved it. Not much for thrill rides though as I have gotten older and my stomach don’t like them anymore. :grimacing: