FastPass across Parks

Can you set up multiple Fast Passes for different parks on the same day, 30 days out? It sounds like you can, but I wasn’t quite sure. Thank you!

No you can’t. In advance you can only book for one park, whether you choose to book 1, 2 or 3 FPs. However, on the day you’re in the park, you can then go ahead and book for others. So let’s say you just booked FOP at AK. On the day you can book SDD at HS and Soarin at EP - if they’re available.


Let’s say I book 2 FP at HS 60 days out and I want to book the 3rd FP at MK. When can I do this? Like does it just have to be the day of or so I need to have checked into HS?

As soon as you’ve tapped into your first FP.


Thanks so much everyone!!!