Fastpass+ 70 days out

I apologize if this has already been covered, but I’m having trouble tracking down the answer. I’m staying at the swan and dolphin for 10 days total. The last 3 days my family will be joining me and we’re hitting up the parks.

Can I begin booking our 3 days of fast passes 70 days before our first night (60 days + 10)? Also, for a December 1-3 park visit, what are the odds I could get flights of passage availability at 70 days out?

*edit - I should have included that the first 7 days I don’t have any park tickets as I’ll be there for work

FOP at 60+10 should be pretty easy. I was able to get FOP at 60+2, +5 and +8. 60+2 was a little limited on time choices, but the other two weren’t at all…

It’s not 70 days out. That’s misleading, so to clarify.

It’s 60 days out from check-in and for the length of your stay (up to 14 days). And for as many days as you have tickets for. it doesn’t matter if you don’t make FPs for the first week, you can still book them at that window.

As long as you have your family linked to you as friend on MDE, you can book for them at the same time as you book yours. You will have to be doing the same FPs as them.

And it’s OK that I only have 3 day park to park at the tail end. I can still book those three dates 60 days from my actual checkin date?

Apologize for the follow up, for some reason I find this all really confusing

Yes. So you’re right in that your last day will be 70 days out when you book FPs.

It doesn’t matter what days you book FPs for. It could be day 1, 4 and 5 or 8, 9 and 10.

Ok so instead of waiting until the 60 days before I check in, I can book FPPt 66(60+6) days before check-in(I have 6 days tickets)? Sorry to be so dense but trying to understand.


You can book your FPs 60 days before you check in to a WDW resort. And you also get to book them for your entire onsite stay.

When people talk about 60+1, 60+5 etc, they are talking about their 2nd and 6th day’s of their stay.

As in, “I could only get Flight of Passage on day 60+3”. This means they could only find FPs for this ride 3 days after arrival day, which is day 4 of their onsite stay.

No - 60 days before check in, but at 60 days before checkin you can book all 6 days at once. So if you check in on January 1 and stay through the 6th and you have passes for all 6 days, 60 days before January 1, you can get FPP for Jan 1 through the 6th at 60 days prior

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THanks for clarifying. I thought so but this threw me off.