FastPass+ 60-Day Booking Question

Are FP+ reservations made at the 60 day mark from check-in for the ENTIRE vacation. Dates are November 13-28. Are we able to book ALL of our FP+ 60 days prior to Nov 13 (check-in)? Meaning 60 days prior to November 13th we can book all the way thru Nov 28th. Or do we book FP+ one day at a time when each date reaches the 60 day mark?

Geez, we go every year but somehow we have forgotten some of the major details of planning :blush:

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You should be able to book any days during your stay but a maximum of 10 (?) days. How many days tickets do you have?

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Right now we have tickets for 9 days but we’re considering adding 3 more. Do those 10 days have to be consecutive days or can we make FP+ selections lets say for days 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, etc. up to a TOTAL of 10 days out of the 12 days of park tickets we will have?

I think it’s 10 consecutive days, so you might need to do most of them, and do the last two days as they become available.

I believe only ADRs are limited to the 180 plus 10 rule. If you are onsite you can book all of your onsite days FPP up to the length of your tickets. So if you are onsite 14 or more days and have that U.K. 14 day ticket you should be able to book all 14 days of FPP. They don’t have to be consecutive.

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If you want more than 10 days on a regular US ticket, I think you have to do an AP. Not 100% sure…jumping on the Disney site to look.

We are in the U.S. and just logged into our account. You are correct in that we can only have 10 day tickets. Does it still hold true though that the FPP for those 10 days does not have to be consecutive? And that we can book all 10 days of FPP once the 60 day mark of our check-in is here?

Yep they don’t have to be consecutive but tickets expire 14 days from first use so you will need to use within a 14 day period.

Thanks to everyone for your help :slight_smile: Hopefully I will remember this conversation in 2.5 months when it’s time to start booking FPP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Today was my 60 day mark for my trip in August. I was ready at 7 am EST (that’s the official time to start selecting fastpasses) and I couldn’t find any availability for the Flights of Passage attraction! I thought that by beign one of the first to get fastpasses that day I was going to be able to grab it! Anyone had this kind of setback? Maybe when frozen opened? I find it unbelievable that at my 60 day mark FP were already distributed!

I think its a great tip to be ready for fastpass selection on your 60 day mark at 7 am EST. Even though I didn’t get Flights of Passage I was able to get all my other options/times. I hope this tip is useful for someone else out there.

This is pretty typical of FOP for August travelers. Many are reporting FOP not available until 60 plus 3-5 days. You need a long trip and plan AK towards the end of the trip.


I believe that it is because others with 14 day holidays are already using them. Your day 1 will be day 2 for someone else, and day 3 for someone else, and day 4 for someone else etc…This means that lots of people have already used the FPP for your day 1. Your day 14 should be free, as you will be the first person (less those on a 21 day ticket) to be able to access that day.

Hope that makes sense


@chann856, this is exactly what I figured out.
To the forum members, I have a week reservation within 60 days. I’ve made fast pass+ reservations. It looks like I may have to cut off the first three nights. Naturally, I’ll lose the FP+ for those days, but will I lose all of my FP+ reservations?

You are still staying onsite? Just reducing your trip days? Wait until you reach day 60 of your real stay before you drop the 3 extra days. Then you will not lose your FPs. When your 60 day window opens everything from 1-60 plus length of stay opens too. So as long as you have ticket media attached still dropping a few days won’t delete FP.

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Thank you, AuntB. I will wait until I know for certain to modify my onsite reservations. Good to know the fast passes will remain.

Hi! I have a question as well. My 60 day planning started today and I thought I would have a 10-day window as well. Long story short…we’re staying on-site for 3 nights and the rest of the nights (4) off-site. As of now, I can only have the option to make fast passes for the days we’re staying on-site. We have 5-day park hopper tickets. TIA!

60 days is an onsite perk. You used to be able to book all your days even if you only had one day onsite, but it sounds like that loophole may have closed. If so, you’ll have to book the remaining days at 30 days out.

Thanks. I just realized that. There’s a flaw in their thinking though. Not everybody is able to visit a park the first day you check-in since you may have a late arrival and/or you choose to take a 1 or 2 day break break from visiting the parks (and chaos). So, something to keep in mind as you’ll be missing out on that fastpass+ reservation perk. We weren’t able to have a full stay at a disney resort because of availability issues and ended up booking (and paid already) for the second hotel…oh well. Thanks for the response anyway!

Your fast pass window will open up one day at a time at day 60. You should have already been able to make your check out day. I believe the next day you need will be Day 61 tomorrow so you will have to wait until Thursday to book your next day.

Oh, interesting! I will definitely give it a try tomorrow. Thanks!