Fastest way to get from Epcot to HS?

Sorry if this has been covered before, but assuming fresh legs, what’s the quickest way (walking path/bus/boat/skyliner)?

From the back of the park, the answer seems to be the waking path. From the front of the park, the bus looks to be the fastest. Can someone confirm…or point me to the times table that I can’t seem to easily find?

There really aren’t time tables for the park to park buses… even from the front of the park I’d probably walk if I’m not tired. Grab a beverage or snack along the way :slight_smile:
The bus ride from the front of epcot takes 15 minutes and walking 30 minutes… but how long will you wait for the bus?

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Use the Skyliner. No wait, constantly moves.

My guesstimates:

Bus: 10-15 min actual travel time, 5-20 min of waiting
Uber etc: 10 min
Walking: 35 min

The walk from Epcot entrance to HS gates is close to 2 miles

Then of course you can combine walking + skyliner or boat from IG, but those won’t be faster

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