Fastest route to TT at RD

We are going to try to make it to Test Track at Rope drop. Looking for the best path b/c my TP says the line will be 30 minutes long by 9:12!

I haven’t been to Epcot in 15 years so my memory is very fuzzy. From looking at a map, my plan is to turn left after Innoventions and then turn right and head straight toward TT.

Is that the fastest route and are there any other tips? Thank you!!

I’ll leave it to others to chart a path that is optimal to walk… but ff you are there at RD and head straight, I don’t think it’s possible that the line would be 30 minutes.

Yep, turn left at Innoventions. Just follow the herd :cow:. We were there in April, got to park 30 minutes before RD. They let us in 5 minutes early and we walked fast to TT. Took 10 minutes or so to get through the line and design car. By the time we got off the ride the line was very long and posted wait was as hour. It was a very busy day, Good Friday. Anyway, get there before RD and walk very fast. It you are late it will take 30 minutes.

I was floored with how long the line was (60 minutes+) after our initial RD ride at TT. We were there april 6-11. We were at RD about 40 minutes early. Headed to TT, and our 1st ride was about 15 minute wait-- and we were at the head of the pack.

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Thanks, everyone! This is helpful. The crowd calendar just upped the crowd from a 7 to a 9 on the day we’ll be at Epcot so this info is even more needed!