Fast Passes

My family of 8 is going to disneyworld. 3 of the people in the party do not ride rides. We will not have magic bands. Can riders use the tickets of the non riders to get more fastpasses?

Yes you can swap bands. Apart from you just said you won’t have them *** face palm ***

But I assume the principle is the same with tickets.

Principle is the same. Both tickets and MagicBands use the same RFID technology, which ties to your Disney account.

Since you don’t have to do a fingerprint scan in order to use a FastPass, once you have used your initial 3 FastPasses, you can then make more at the in-park kiosks (see the map, or ask a Cast Member for locations).

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I’m wondering about the bit of three of your party not riding any rides–I don’t do thrill rides myself, but certainly there’s plenty of rides I can still go on. Have you given some thought to what those three people will do all day while you all are riding rides?