Fast Passes with Party Tickets 2019

Thx VERY much. Sadly, I already linked the tix to my real MDE account so I won’t be able to book the FPPs connected to the party. BUt I’m fine, first world problem!! Thanks very much for taking the time to explain.

Well this is not technically true. But it would require some fancy shifting around of ticket media and a stop by guest services for a new RFID card. Only you can decide if it’s worth the headache and effort :wink:

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Well, i might try with your smiling help!

My AP will expire in October and when I log onto MDE it is telling me I can make FPs in October for my December trip. I only have a party ticket since it it a Universal focused trip.

Of my group of 4 friends who bought the same tickets (party + 3 days starting the day after) from the same provider (UT) and with everything else being equal (newly created mde accounts, with a Disney springs reservation for the same room), 2 were able to schedule party FPs and 2 weren’t. We are programmers so we spent a lot of time trying to figure out the cause, but the only conclusion was “Disney systems don’t make sense”. Each person bough their own ticket separately, if that matters. 2 other friends with a slightly different ticket and resort configuration were also able to schedule theirs.

So my guess is that you are likely to be able to schedule party FPs, but there is a chance you won’t be able for some random reason and Disney doesn’t promise you will be able to do it so if it goes wrong there is no fix

Did everyone book their FPs for all the other days first? That seems to be key for some reason. Even if the party day is in the middle of your trip, you do that day last.

Also there’s no way any of them already booked FPs for the same day in error?

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This is the very first account like this I have heard. Do make sure they all scheduled the other days first as @Nicky_S said. Disney actually will fix issues with party FP especially if you are not trying to get 6 FP on one day.

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@AuntB_luvsDisney, as far as you know, you can make FPs on the party ticket before 3;00? I will be able to enter MVMCP at 2 and I would like to book them early and maybe grab more.

I think it lets you book at any time, even 9am. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to use them then, but the system doesn’t restrict to a certain time.

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As far as I can tell, yes. In the past I have booked and used my party FP prior to allowed entry at 4pm Without any issues. It’s my intention to do this again. Booking 9,10,11am with both party FP and regular FP. But my trip is not until late November early December so I can’t first hand report until then.

My party is not until December but I will have 60 day FP access.

I have 60 day for my regular ticket but only 30 day for my party ticket.

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I scheduled everyone’s FPs at the same time, I started with non-party days. When I proceeded to add party FPs I noticed the problem and scheduled for the 2 that could. I haven’t called Disney because the party ticket doesn’t promise access to FP

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I would call. Others have have Disney fix party ticket FP issues without any problems.

Although it might not be written in policy as a party ticket gets FP, valid ticket media does get FP. Party ticket and DAH are all valid ticket media. Heck even a water park ticket will read as valid ticket media and allow booking for FP. Are some of the guests offsite? If so the umbrella will not work for party tickets and you would have to wait until day 30 for offsite guests party FP. Umbrella would of course work for regular ticket media. Make sure all resort information is linked correctly.

Everyone is on the same reservation, same room even :slight_smile: and the normal day tickets FPs worked fine

I just discovered that I am able to add the 2 friends to the existing FP of the other 2, but once I add them, I can’t modify it (always get “something went wrong”), but I can remove people. With this fact and a lot of add/remove people from the party I was able to get all FPs for the group :smile:

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Ha! Whatever works. I just now noticed you said a Disney Springs resort. I know others reported issues with those linking and staying linked correctly. Who knows Disney IT is a mystery to us all.

CM just told me you can’t book fPP between 4 and 7 on MNSSHP - I told her I thought she was wrong. Then she came back and said you could, but didn’t answer my question which was if I do that, will it remove my last day of FPP. Afraid to do it now because, my last day is FoP, so not worth risking

I have seen ZERO reports of the last day being cancelled this year. That was a last year issue. But with Disney IT there is never a guarantee.


exactly and I don’t want to risk losing a fast pass for FoP

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Take a picture of your screen before you start and after you finish with your additional FP…if something goes wrong and you have proof, I think they’ll fix it for you?