Fast Passes with Party Tickets 2019

Or in my case I am going to book morning FP with my party ticket and use my regular ticket for entry. 9,10,11 with party ticket and 9,10,11 with regular ticket. I did this before without issues. I am hoping the profiles won’t get locked since by the time the overnight sweep happens party ticket will show park entry!

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I am going to book FPs at 2, 3, and 4 and then enter at 2:00 as a DVC member with a party ticket. Everyone in my party will only have party tickets so I think we will be ok.


oh the cast member that i talked to said, i cannot book before 4 and after 6 so technically will allow only 2, so i did not even try. Were you able to book three Nickysyme??

Me? I’m not going to be there!

But @PrincipalTinker is I think. And I’m sure she said she booked three.

In fact, I’m even more certain that @AuntB_luvsDisney booked three first thing. Of course she can’t actually get into the park at that time with a party ticket, but the system lets you book them for any time.

See if you can modify the two you have to earlier and book a third.

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CM is wrong! Modify what you have to squeeze in that third. If you only have a party ticket for entrance, then 3:30,4:30,5:30 will work just fine!


Sorry, I am getting confused if things have changed this year or not.

If you have a 7 day ticket and a party ticket can you book 8 days of fast passes on the same MDE account now without anything disappearing?

It does appear so but we are too early in the season to be 100% sure.

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Yep - you can book 3. I have a 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30. The 5:30 one only goes til 6:00 and we won’t be able to enter until 4:00 to use the 3:30 one. I’m under 30 days out now and have all three in my account still.


My party date is 8/27. I have created FPP for the four of us without a regular park ticket for that day. At this point (today) I was only able to make two quality FPP due to availability. I will update here if I see that I have lost any fast passes. In the past I have foregone FPP at hard ticket events because I did not want another MDE for each of us.

@AuntB_luvsDisney and everyone else thanks for the information and help.

Can you still not do 6 FP if you’re using a regular ticket plus party ticket unless you set up a dummy account?

That is still the only way to do it.

Just trying to get some clarification. 1. I didn’t think FP were even used during the party (unless you are talking about the period 4pm(when you are allowed to enter) - until 7pm when the party actually starts)
2. If you don’t have park tix at all and only have MNSSHP tix, there is no way to book FP, right? (only going for MNSSHP, staying on property.

I’m clearly not the expert on this, but 1. Yes, from 4-6, you can still use FPP, even if you are only entering on a party ticket. My understanding is that doing so can risk FPP that you have booked at the end of your ticket. 2. I don’t know the answer to this.

Incorrect. Your party ticket is ticket media and will allow you to book 3FP on the party day like any other ticket media. Book 3:30,4:30,5:30 to maximize FP.

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Last year this was an issue for some folks but I have not seen any reports of this happening this year.

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I’ll let you know Tuesday :slight_smile:

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I think you still need to book the regular ticket FP first and the party FP last.


that’s the plan!


so you can book the party ticket FPP at 60 days as well as the regular ticket? Is this only if you did not load the party ticket in the MDE account? I have already loaded the tickets on my MDE account — I didn’t know about this whole crazy thing.

Party ticket must be linked to a MDE profile for an onsite guest to book FP at 60 days. If you are not using a regular ticket for entry the day of the party but only a party ticket, you can book 3FP with party ticket on the same MDE profile your regular ticket is on. If you are using both types of tickets on the same day, each MDE profile is limited to 3 prebooked FP. To get 6FP, you then need a dummy account for the party ticket and FP will be at 30 days without an onsite stay for that dummy MDE profile.

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