Fast Passes + Switching Parks

Question about fast passes not booked in advance.

We are somewhat splitting Epcot between FW and WS. On the day that we are doing WS, I only planned to get a FP for Frozen. Since we don’t really plan to do much else that day, I hate to get FPP in advance for rides we aren’t sure we want to do. However, if we finish WS early, we might want to see what is available. So what are the rules for getting a 2nd fast pass? If not booking in advance, does your 2nd and 3rd HAVE to be tier 2 fast passes if the 1st (tier 1) has already been used? And what about switching parks? Would we be able to get additional FP for MK or would we have to use 3 in Epcot first?

Hope that makes sense!

You can prebook just a single FPP in Epcot and then after you scan it book two more at any park (same day) or book two tier 2 at Epcot but you can’t book a 2nd tier 1 at EP until two tier 2 are used.