Fast Passes I am all confused

On my previous 15 visits to WDW Fast Passes were only paper and before that none at all

I am in full planning mode for next May as my ADR window opens next week.

Advice required
The FastPasses are for me Grandmother 60ys Daughter/Mother 36 and Son/Grandson 4 !!!

We are staying at POR The plan is to spend Mornings in the Park utilising EMH, so my initial morning is Epcot as follows


  • Spaceship earth FP 9 am
  • Soaring with rider swap FP 1020
  • Figment FP 1100
  • The seas and tanks
  • Nemo. FP 1130

Lunch coral reef 1230

Animal Kingdom

  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug. 8:45 am FP

  • Avatar Flight of Passage 9:45 am Rider Switch FP

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris 10:45 am FP

  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail 11:15

  • Tusker House Restaurant 12:20

how do I know what FPs are not really necessary, I am pretty sure on those that are definitely needed and then of course, In March when I can book FPs the whole plan could be thrown out of the window!

I wouldn’t say any of the tier 2 rides at Epcot (Spaceship Earth, Figment, Nemo) are “necessary”, but if you’re going to ride them, might as well grab them. You do have 4 FP listed - you only get 3. Figment overlaps with both Soarin’ and Nemo, which is also a no-no, and I’d lean towards the other two anyway. I despise Figment, but my kids think it’s funny (one specific part, which I won’t spoil).

At Animal Kingdom, do NOT use a FP for it’s Tough to be a Bug. Avatar Flight of Passage - absolutely, but a 9:45 FP is going to be incredibly hard, especially on day 2. Will your 4 y/o be tall enough to ride it? Kilimanjaro Safaris is a fine choice also. Great for a 4 y/o and a 60 y/o.

Fast passes at WDW are kind of like wands at the world of Harry Potter (“the wand chooses the wizard”).

You don’t REALLY get to choose the Fast passes. It is more like the fast passes choose you. :wink: You’ll only get to choose from what everyone else is fighting over, so the pickings can be slim (depending on what you want and when you go).

One overall piece of advice is, when the time comes, try to pick the FPs that reduce your wait time the most, not necessarily the rides you want to do most. (USUALLY, the two amount to the same end…but not necessarily.)

This is pretty accurate. Hope for the best, but be prepared for disappointment. You’ll still have a blast though.

Just out of curiosity, why are you rider switching Soarin’…?

Many thanks
No, he is not going on FOP but we will do Rider Swap Thanks for Tough to be a bug I will scrub that off the FP list I can book FPs 60 days out as I am onsite so fingers crossed or are you talking about actually being there for that time? Yes I love the safari ride

this is the issue really. How can you plan ahead for dining reservations if your not sure what parks you will be in on what day. Having been lots of times, I am not to bothered about missing rides, but I dont want to be spending two weeks looking at an app to see where I should go next Personally I do not like this way in advance system

because the four year old may well not be tall enough or like it. If by next May his Mum thinks he can do it then great, if not then its rider switch

You’re definitely preaching to the choir. I hate the Fast Pass system, in all its forms, actually. It is a gimmick that only benefits Disney, not consumers, but tricks consumers into thinking they are benefiting. At the same time, it is has made it that if you DON’T use fast passes you are at a huge disadvantage now, making their use almost obligatory!

It is the system we’re stuck with, unfortunately. so learning to make the best use of it is the only option now.


Absolutley agree. I feel sorry for people who only get to go the one time. They must miss so much As I said I have been 12 times ( from the UK, we are a bit WDW obsessed!) so I miss what I miss.

Ok, fair enough. It’s only got a 40" height restriction though, so he should be ok unless he’s small for his age. :slight_smile:

Well, you’re definite a fish out of water here, then. No one here is Disney obsessed. At all*. :wink:

  • currently planning two separate WDW trips in the same year
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Hopefully he will be, but I am hedging my betsQ

I’d maybe consider Frozen at Epcot, and rope drop Soarin???

Agree that you don’t need Tough to be a Bug, don’t think it ever gets crowded. Fun show though.

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I was going to do Frozen and meet Elsa another morning Invaluable advice on here though

Its like Preparing army Manouvres!


In Animal Kingdom I’d swap ITTBAB for Adventurers Outpost.

I don’t how many days total you are planning, but a good way to save a FPP in Epcot is to do a PPO breakfast at Akershus on a non-EMH morning. If you get in at 8AM you can get out in time to ride Frozen and meet Anna/Elsa with no or very little wait. Assuming DS4 is interested in meeting princesses.

We are there for 14 nights. I’m planning each park twice. Plus evening meals at epcot. Like the idea of breakfast early. Thanks

I found this very helpful. Scroll to the middle to the section “Can I make Reservations for Every Ride” - click on the link for each park to get an idea of what same day FP+ are available, which rides need FP+ and which typically don’t

I am surprised to hear this. We are obviously in the minority of people who are wiling to invest the time and energy (and money) into figuring out the best FP’s to get, how to get them, and then how to get more. I see FP’s as a way for the smart/obsessed/willing to spend more to get a big advantage over those who aren’t. Since I fit in the those categories, I love it.