Fast passes- can I do for more days than scheduled?

My 60 day out day is next week. I currently have tickets for 6 days, with parkhopper. I was thinking about getting 7 days. Can I schedule 7 days worth of fast passes when I only have 6 days worth of tickets?
May be a dumb question, but can I?
Thanks in advance . . .

No, you will only be able to schedule 6 days of FPP. It is based on the number of days of your ticket.

Thank you. . . .do you know what would happen if I upgrade to 7 days of tickets, then downgrade to 6 days? How would it know what’s day to cancel?
I’m not 100% sure we want to do 7 days, but don’t want to miss planning it because the weekend we end our trip in CL 10 . . .

You can’t downgrade tickets. I would just buy 6 day tickets and maybe not make FPP for my AK day because those seem to be the easiest to get last minute. Or, just buy a 7 day ticket because the difference is only about $13. But once you buy tickets you can’t downgrade. Disney isn’t going to give you money back.

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We are going about the same time but leaving the Saturday. of President Day weekend. In the grand scheme of things it is peanuts in a Disney trip even if you waste it. If you are using that extra ticket for a day not during President Day weekend then I would get it for sure. Even on a 10/10 day it would be worth the cost to RP one side of the park, do the FP and head back.

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Thanks everyone!