Fast Passes at Hollywood studios

We have a party of 10 and only some want to ride Tower or Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster. Should I just stick to getting fastpasses for the rides that all of us want to ride? Or should I get FP for these rides for those folks? Are there really long lines at those without a FP?

Rockin Roller can have a very long line. Tower of Terror varies ( a lot of people will not do it). If you want to do either I would book a FP.

Those are rides that are likely worth getting FPP for. It’s hard to plan with a larger party like that but the fastpasses will cut down the amount of time in line for them so they can rejoin the group.

How accurate are the times of the touring plans? They’ve put those two at the top for the day I’m going with hardly any wait.

Might be fine then. I tend to trust the TP

What about the shows? Like Indiana Jones and the little mermaid and Beauty and the Beast? Should I try for a FP for one of them? Indiana Jones is high on the list. How early do we have to get there with/without a FP? Thanks!!

I believe the Indiana Jones theater is big enough that if you get there 15 minutes before the show you’re okay. Someone else may know more. But I don’t think shows are generally considered to need FP.

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I’m sure it depends somewhat on time of year, but I’ve never seen the Indiana Jones theater 100% full. We’ve always gotten a seat rolling in at 15 minutes before showtime max. I certainly wouldn’t fast pass it…

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I would FP Tower of Terror. Also, if you are looking to Fast Pass a show, Frozen Sing a Long is your best option. The theater will reach capacity. We did FP and sat in the back row close to center. It was a good seat. Indiana Jones and Beauty and the Beast do not need FPs.

Thanks for the tips. We are traveling with 4 boys and only one girl, so unless one of the adults wants to take my niece to the frozen sing along…not going to happen. ha ha! My boys loved the movie until every girl in school sang the songs every day for a year. We are all keen for Indiana Jones though, so good tips!

I, too, was also SO over Frozen by the time I saw this show… BUT it is GREAT - it’s very entertaining. :slight_smile:

I attended the Frozen sing-a-long for the first time on Saturday- just me and my 24 year old son. We both loved it. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it.


You can totally break it up by rides and even by parks